Inspector General Training & Evaluation and Director General Human Resource Development Visit NUTECH

Lt Gen Syed Muhmmad Adnan, HI (M), Inspector General Training & Evaluation along with Maj Gen Nayyar Naseer, Director General Human Resource Development visited NUTECH on 2 Feb 2021. The dignitaries were briefed about NUTECH concept, vision, education system, future academic programs and provided updates on progress towards establishing NUTECH as ‘University for Industry’. IGT&E contributed useful suggestion regarding university capacity building and mutual collaboration projects with IGT&E Branch and assured his endowment for full support to university whenever needed. After the briefing, the delegation visited the campus, labs, library and other facilities available in the campus. Gen officer left the campus with extraordinary compliments as; “It is a thrill and privilege to visit NUTECH campus and know its master plan. He considered academia, innovation and youth as an ideal combination to change any nation’s destiny”.