Mr. Waqas Bin Najib, Member Science/Energy Planning Commission Visits NUTECH

Member Science/Energy Planning Commission, Mr.  Waqas Bin Najib alongwith Member Public Sector Development, Mr. Asim Saeed and Chief S & T, Mr.Gul Muhammad Laghari visited NUTECH on 16th June 2021. Rector of the University Lt Gen (Retd) Khalid Asghar welcomed the distinguish visitors. Dr. Adnan Qasim Registrar briefed the delegation about NUTECH education system, future academic programs, national & international collaboration with industries, Advanced Railways Technologies Innovation Centers (ARTC) feasibility studies structures and provided updates on progress towards establishing NUTECH as “University for Industry”.  The delegation appreciated NUTECH efforts in bridging the gap between academia & industry and its imperative role in the growth of future development of Pakistan industries. After the briefing, the dignitaries visited the campus, labs, library and other facilities available in the campus.