NUTECH Empowers Faculty through Knowledge Sharing

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (NORIC) arranged a Faculty Development Seminar, emphasizing the importance of empowering faculty members to unlock opportunities for research and funding.

Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar, Associate Professor of NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities (NUSASH), led an engaging discussion on “Empowering Faculty through Project Writing: Unlocking Opportunities for Research & Funding.” Her presentation aimed to equip faculty members with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the realm of research project development. Dr. Faiza not only outlined the particulars of project writing but also provided practical insights into creating budget sheets tailored to national grants, including NRPU (National Research Program for Universities) and PSF (Pakistan Science Foundation) opportunities.

Continuing the seminar’s theme of faculty empowerment, Engr. Dr. Mariyam Jalal Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Project Lead European Union Project ACTIVE engaged the audience with a comprehensive and insightful presentation on the intriguing subject of “Writing a Successful International Grant Proposal” and International Funding Opportunities.” Her presentation explored the art of crafting winning grant proposals, offering valuable insights into best practices and common pitfalls. Dr. Chaudhary’s wealth of experience and her emphasis on the essentials of proposal writing left a lasting impact, motivating faculty members to actively participate in research initiatives and elevate their academic pursuits. She also dilated upon international opportunities, particularly highlighting the significance of Erasmus funding and encouraged faculty members to actively participate in such initiatives to elevate their research output.

Engr. Dr. Awais Yasin, Associate Professor from the Computer Engineering Department, inspired the audience with his insights on “Research and Development Projects for Local Industries – Ideas and Opportunities.” With unwavering enthusiasm, he encouraged the participants to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity. Dr. Yasin’s talk revolved around the vital role of faculty members in advancing research not only for academic purposes but also for the betterment of local industries. He shared examples of innovative projects that have successfully bridged academia and industry, highlighting how academic research can directly benefit local businesses. Dr. Yasin urged participants to get involved in the ‘National Idea Bank’ contest and champion startup ventures. He provided guidance on contest participation and shared the evaluation criteria, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among faculty members. His talk served as a catalyst for further discussions on the practical applications of research within the academic community.

With a seamless transition, Air Commodore Muhammad Sohail, Director Office for Research, Innovation, and Commercializationemphasized the role of ORIC in nurturing a research-friendly environment within the institution. He encouraged faculty members to meet the criteria established by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and actively contribute to the research landscape of the institution.

To wrap up the seminar, Mr. Haris Aziz, DAD NORIC,presented the “HEC ORIC Scorecard,” underlining the importance of generating impactful research for academic excellence. His presentation served as a concluding note, emphasizing the institute’s full support for researchers and faculty members in their research endeavors.

The Faculty Development Seminar at NUTECH exemplified the university’s dedication to foster a culture of research, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, advancing its commitment to excellence in education and research while actively supporting Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 9 which are related to ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, respectively. By empowering faculty members and promoting research initiatives that align with SDG 4 and 9, NUTECH is taking meaningful steps toward building a sustainable and equitable future for all.