NUTECH Students Shine Bright at Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony

Students from NUTECH (National University of Technology, Islamabad) showcased their brilliance and innovation at the Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony, organized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). In a remarkable display of talent and expertise, NUTECH students secured the first position in the Civil & Allied category, while also clinching the first and second positions in Computer & Allied projects. Their outstanding performance underscored NUTECH’s commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of engineers.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz Him (Rtd), Rector of NUTECH, commended the PEC team for their diligent efforts in organizing the ceremony. He emphasized the importance of providing platforms and conducive environments for young engineers to thrive and excel.Furthermore, Rector NUTECH extended his congratulations to the teachers who guided the students with their knowledge and support, enabling them to achieve remarkable success in their endeavors.

The success of NUTECH students at the Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony reflects the institution’s dedication to academic excellence, innovation, and student empowerment. NUTECH continues to inspire and equip students to become future leaders and pioneers in the field of engineering.