NUTECH Attaining Top Positions in National Competitions

The United Nations, in November 2014, declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day. Since then, the day is celebrated throughout the world to strengthen the skill-driven industry linkages by creating awareness among youth, government and the industry stakeholders regarding the challenges faced by skilled workers. National Skills University (NSU), Islamabad to commemorate the WYSD organized a countrywide skills competition to recognize the work of essential skilled workers and to inculcate the spirit of competition and to showcase the great talent of our youth. The theme of the day was “Skills for a Resilient Youth”. NUTECH also participated in the WYSD by taking part in these events. For the competitions, entrepreneurs/industry academia leaders, researchers and students of skill-based institutes were invited to participate with cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders. The competitions were arranged in four categories namely Video Documentary, Short Presentation, Digital Photography and Essay Writing

It is a matter of great pride that the team NUTECH has swept this WYSD national level skills competition by grabbing top positions. Details of positions taken by NUTECH participants is as under:-

Participants PicturesTopic Position
Habibullah Babar Indigenous skills of Pakistan and their role in the economy (Nursing Skill) Ist
Abdullah Rehman Skills Learning Techniques in COVID-19 2nd
Bilal Mehmood Impact of corona virus on workforce 3rd

Video Documentary 

1st Position Habibullah Babar Video Documentary Nursing Skills
2nd Position Abdullah Rehman Video Documentary Skill Learning Techniques in COVID 19
3rd Posotion Bilal Mehmood Video Documentary Impact of corona virus on workforce

Digital Photography

Participants Pictures Topic Position
Alezah Ashfaq
Indigenous Skills, Handicrafts and Craftsmanship of Pakistan 1st
Talha Malik
Indigenous Skills, Handicrafts and Craftsmanship of Pakistan 2nd

Essay Writing

Participant Picture Topic Position
Muhammad Ehatisham Ul Haq Innovative ways of imparting skills education to student during and post COVID-19 Era 3rd