UN summit galvanizes action for development agendas in Africa

Africa has undergone a dramatic transformation since the end of the colonial era, with many countries struggling post-independence to secure socio-economic development, peace and security.

Africa today is pursuing a transformational agenda towards sustainable development, and is chartering a path towards peace, prosperity, unity, and integration.

Remarks at the PGA-PECOSOC event on #TheAfricaWeWant?https://t.co/NYx7mYGyov pic.twitter.com/6UjlXZeNIr— UN GA President (@UN_PGA) July 20, 2022

“Africa today is a region that has adopted and pursued a transformational agenda towards sustainable development, and is chartering a path towards prosperity, unity, peace, and integration,” said the senior UN official.

Noting its commitments throughout the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), Agenda 2063, and the SDGs, he said, “we are moving in the right direction, but we still need to do more”.


Against the 2021 targets of Agenda 2063, Africa as a whole is only 51 per cent on track, according to a report issued in February. While facing world challenges, such as climate change, COVID-19, rising fuel prices, and inequality, Africa has shown underlying vulnerabilities.

“Yet, progress remains possible,” Mr. Shahid affirmed, underscoring the importance of investing in people.

Ambition required

Describing Africa’s sustainable development as a “priority” for the UN and international community, he said collective action had often fallen short on delivery. The Assembly President urged everyone to recommit to sustainable development on the continent, assess where action is lacking, foster progress, and fulfil existing commitments while generating new ones “that reflect our ever-changing world”.

“With resolve, continued commitment, perseverance and support from the international community and the UN system,” The Africa We Want could become a reality, he concluded.

Turn triple crises into an opportunity 

Speaking on behalf of the Secretary-General, his deputy, Amina Mohammed confirmed that the UN shares the AU’s vision of a continent shaped by its own narrative, informed by its own citizens, and representing a dynamic force on the world stage.

However, the pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine have placed at risk previous development gains. She outlined measures to tackle these challenges, maintaining that Africa’s goals are still within reach. To get there however, mindsets must change and the triple crisis must be turned into an opportunity