NUTECH Flood Relief Camp

To help the flood victims, the National University of Technology organized a flood relief camp on its campus from 05-09 September 2022, during which the students, faculty, support staff and all the NUTECH employees participated whole-heartedly. NUTECH employees donated cash, food items, life-saving medicines, baby milk, hygiene items, clothes, clean drinking water and kitchen utensils.

All these items, approximately 7 tons, were sent from Nur Khan PAF Base Chaklala to Rojahan, Jaffarabad. Apart from these items, the NUTECH staff deposited two and a half million rupees into the COAS Flood Relief Account and will further deposit another one million rupees by the end of September 2022.

In this noble cause, Panjtan Pak Welfare Trust and Mir Foundation also supported NUTECH and helped in collecting donations. Both these organizations donated relief goods worth rupees two million. Relief goods so collected, approximately 5 tons, were loaded in five trucks and NUTECH facilitated its distribution in Tehsil Proha, DI Khan on 05 September 2022 through FC KP (south).

National University of Technology is deeply grateful to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and FC KP (South) for its great support in this campaign. We are also grateful to our volunteers and donors, especially Panjtan Pak Welfare Trust, Mir Foundation and our entire NUTECH community.