All the applicants must also considered the fact that language training and all the processing of visa documents shall be carried out in Islamabad.

Question No 1: For language course do I have to come to Islamabad, if I have NUML campus in my own city?
Answer: You have to do language course at Islamabad NUML.

Question No 2: If I start a course in Islamabad and I am not resident in the city than what about my meals and accommodation in Islamabad?
Answer: You have to arrange for your accommodation, transportation and meals.

Question No 3: If I qualify to go to Germany, who will provide me meals and accommodation in Germany?
Answer: During your apprenticeship program, you will be paid stipend. You have to arrange your accommodation and meals in the given stipend. German apprenticeship schools will guide you in getting accommodation.

Question No 4: If I have done the German Language course, do I have to do it again?
Answer: To qualify for this program, you have to clear B2 Level Examination form Goethe Institute. If you have already passed B-2 level than your application will be given priority. Moreover, if you have some general knowledge about German Language, please mention in your application.

Question No 5: Can we do the German Language course on our own?
Answer: No, to qualify for this program you have to do the course being arranged by NUTECH through NUML.

Question No 6: If we have completed the course and I do not get selected, will you refund the fee?
Answer: It is mentioned in the application form that Fee will not be refunded in any case.