Disposal of Academically Deficient Students

Consequent to the identification of academic deficiencies, following disposal will be recommended by the Examination Office.

  • Advisory Note/ Academic Warning,
  • Probation,
  • Suspension, or
  • Withdrawal.

Academic warning

Academic warning will be awarded to the deficient students under following circumstances:-

  • Student earns “XF” or “F” grades in a subject in any semester.
  • SGPA / CGPA is less than 2 in a semester.
  • He/she does not qualify for probation/withdrawal.


“Probation” means that a student is deficient in academic / discipline standards and warrants consistent monitoring. A student shall be placed on academic / discipline probation under the following conditions:-

  • CGPA is less than 2 in any semester except 1st semester.
  • On disciplinary grounds when recommended by the Committee on Discipline.
  • While on second consecutive academic probation, the student cannot register for new courses and will decide which courses to repeat in consultation with his/her academic advisor.


Suspension means that a student is not allowed continuing regular academic activities for a semester. A student will  be  recommended  for  suspension under following conditions:-

  • On disciplinary ground when recommended by the Committee on Discipline.
  • If absence of student is greater than 25% in a semester on medical ground or reasons beyond his control.
  • If absence of a student is greater than 25% in all subjects in a semester.
  • If a student remains absent for more than 30 but less than 45 consecutive days without any valid reason.
  • While on suspension a student will be permitted to repeat courses already taken, if any, offered in suspended period.

Suspension of Registration

  • If a student remains absent for 45 or more consecutive days, his/her admission/registration may be under following condition:-
  • Prolonged Absence (must have valid reasons) same will be intimated in registrar office ensuring physical receipt.
    1. Disciplinary grounds
    2. Medical Reasons
  • Onus of ensuring receipt of intimation in Registrar Office remains with respective students. However, such student may resume the same program subject to meeting the following conditions:
    1. Has completed minimum one year of studies and attained minimum require CGPA i.e., 2.00.
    2. Has been recommended by the respective HoD.
  • On re-admission, the student will pay the prescribed admission fee and the rate of fee will be as applicable to students of the semester which she/he joins.
  • While considering the case for re-admission, it will be ascertained by the respective institution that the student has sufficient time to complete his/her degree within the prescribed time limit, which will start from date of original / first admission.
  • No special classes / courses will be planned / arranged for such cases other than planned classes for repeat courses.
  • After re-admission, his/her studies will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to the entry s/he joins.
  • Suspension of registration, on grounds of prolonged absence, will be granted only once in the program in which s/he was originally granted admission.


means that a student is considered unsuitable for further studies at NUTECH and is withdrawn from the program. A student will be withdrawn from the university under following circumstances:-

  • Earns five ‘F / XF’ grades or more in first semester only.
  • The student accumulates ten or more F/XF grades.
  • Earns three consecutive academic probations up till and including sixth semester.
  • Earn two consecutive probation on disciplinary grounds or overall three disciplinary probations when recommended by the respective Discipline Committee.
  • Cannot complete his degree requirements within the maximum stipulated time of seven years, even if he/she utilizes the summer semester.
  • A student who remains absent for more than 45 consecutive days without valid reasons but does not qualify for “Suspension of Registration”.

All Deficient cases will be served with “Warning”, by the Exam office. Distribution of the copies of warning is as under:-

  • 1x copy to student.
  • 1x copy to Parents/Guardian.
  • 1x copy to HoD.
  • 1x copy in Student Dossier.
  • 1x copy of Student Advisor.