The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will soon launch Phase 2 of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project for the students who have applied for admission.


1. Admission Fall 2020-Scholarship for Bright Students at the Time of Admission

NUTECH Talent Scholarship will be awarded to students at the time of Admission on following parameters:-

  • Top two candidates in every undergraduate program who are offered admission will be granted scholarship i.e 100% exemption of tuition fee only for 1st Semester provided their aggregate marks for admission are minimum 85% or more.
  • For 2nd semester onward, the students will be required to obtain minimum Semester GPA of 3.8 for availing the scholarship.

2.   Merit Based Scholarships

Limited merit scholarships will be reserved for bright, talented students securing top positions. Guidelines are:

  • Minimum Semester GPA - 3.75
  • Normal academic load - at least 14 credit hours
  • 5-10% students per department, meeting the criteria will be eligible
  • No deficient case
  • Any students obtaining SGPA 4.00 will be granted 100% waiver of tuition fee   in that particular semester and remaining scholarship   are as under:
GGPA Scholarship (Tuition fee only)
3.75-3.90 30%
3.91-3.99 40%
4.00 100%

These scholarship will be awarded after the declaration of result from Exam office, with the approval of competent authority.


3.  Need Based Scholarships

Need based scholarships are focused to enhance educational capabilities of the students by
off-loading their financial burden and to reach out to financially challenged / deserving
students. NUTECH Need-based scholarships will be supported by NUTECH resources and
external funding. Confidentiality is to be observed to preserve the esteem of the students.

Broad Parameters are

Full Scholarship (100% Tuition Fee Waiver)
Partial Scholarship (25% and above Tuition Fee Waiver)

b) The eligibility of candidate for need based scholarship will be evaluated by committee based on financial background of his/her family.

c) Scholarship will be awarded for complete duration of studies (4 Years) however, will be reviewed on yearly basis as under:
(1)     Fresh intake. At the time of Registration.
(2)     Review Cases. 30 Days before start of Fall Semester .

d) Students of new entry securing admission will be primarily eligible for the award. However, special cases (whose financial situation changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. unplanned retirement, deaths, lay off from job etc) from other entries may also be considered alongwith reviewed cases.

e) The continuation of scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic performance as under:
(1) SGPA / CGPA > 2.00/4.00 with no more than one “F
(2) Attendance > 75%
(3) Good conduct of student

f) Scholarship is restricted to tuition fee only.

g) At least 5% students per intake after evaluating their financial situation may be granted need based scholarship.

h) The Scholarship will be applicable for on campus duration of the program in which the student is enrolled.

i) Student can get one scholarship at one time.

j) All NUTECH need based scholarship awardees will be eligible to avail any other scholarship, however same must be declared immediately.

k) On ground check / verification will be carried out as on requirement basis for applicants.

l) False Provision of information / document will be considered as sheer violation of discipline and may results in one or all of the following:
(1) Recovery of all the payments received and a penalty.
(2) Disqualification for award of any future financial support.
(3) Cancellation of admission.

m) Final approval will be accorded by Rector on the recommendation of Scholarship committee.

Procedure to Apply

  • Coordination office ex Dean Undergraduate Education (DUE) will collect / compile all applications, and forward the same to committee.
  • Committee will evaluate application/data and conduct interviews, if deemed necessary.
  • Recommendation of this committee will be put up to Rector for finalization.
  • Students desirous of availing this concession/assistance/scholarship are required to apply on the prescribed form which can be obtained from the website.

4. EHSAAS Program

The PM Imran Khan announced 200,000 scholarships will be given in upcoming four year time. Every year 50,000 scholarships will be awarded to the talented and needy students ofthe country for the 4 – 5 years undergraduate degree programme. Scholarship will cover:

  • Tuition fee
  • Annual living stipend

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who are enrolled undergraduate degree program.
  • Candidates who have secured admission on merit; merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of respective university in which he/she intends to study.
  • Age limit will be followed as per university regulations i.e maximum age under which an applicant is allowed to take admission for offered undergraduate programs at the university.
  • Students already availing any other scholarship or grant are ineligible.
  • Students who have secured admission on evening programs with higher fee rates than morning program / self-sustain/ self-support /self-finance program are ineligible.
  • Distance learning students are ineligible.
  • 50% scholarships are reserved for women
  • 2% scholarships are reserved for students with disabilities

Selection Criteria

Merit and needs-based (Based on students GPA and family income)

Universities Covered under EHSAAS Scholarships

Students of all public sector universities who fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Geographical spread

  • All four provinces
  • FATA
  • AJK
  • Gilgit Baltistan

How long students can avail EHSAAS Scholarship

  • Academic progress and performance will be monitored.
  • Subject to satisfactory academic progress students will continue to receive scholarship
  • throughout their undergraduate programme.

How will the tuition fee and stipend be paid

  • Tuition fee will be paid directly to the universities.
  • Living stipend will be paid in the bank account of the student after necessary verification.

How Transparency be ensured

Details of scholarships will be available on the EHSAAS as well as HEC web-portal.

Difference between EHSAAS Scholarship and other programmes in country

This programme represents three major paradigm shifts in the scholarship policy of the government. First, this is the largest-ever needs-based scholarship program. It is reserved for students from low-income families, in order to enable them to aspire for higher education. Only a very small percentage of previous scholarships given by the government/HEC were needs-based Second, it is the largest-ever national scholarship program. In the last 14 years, HEC has awarded a total of 30,000 undergraduate scholarships, while this scheme will give 50,000 scholarships, every year.
Third, this scholarship focuses on enhancing the earning potential of the recipients. Past scholarships were aimed at postgraduate programs, i.e., they assumed that students would pay for undergraduate education on their own. The EHSAAS scholarship funds under- graduate education, which is the surest way to enable people to rise out of poverty, and which contributes the most to income generating potential.

How to apply

Visit official website of Higher Education Commission to apply online.
Completed forms along with necessary documents will also be submitted to Exam Office of the University.

The university being a public institute encourage student to benefit from the Ehsaas Program offered by Government of Pakistan to support higher education for the youth of Pakistan

5. Excellent Foreign Students Scholarships