Procedure for the Issuance of Interim/Final Transcripts

Following SOP will be adhered for the processing of transcript to NUTECH students:

  • The students will submit application form for the issuance of Interim Transcript once the result of the semester has been announced and notification issued
  •  Final transcript will only be issued to the students once they have completed all the degree requirements approved by University.
  • The student desirous of interim/Final transcript would forward the application to the Examination Office Facilitation centre along with Application form and other relevant documents (application form for issuance of transcript is available): 
    Click here to download Application Form for Issuance of Transcript
  • Staff must ensure that relevant documents should be completed
  • Student has to submit the fee of transcript through Cash Deposit/Online transfer in NUTECH A/C No 50007901701803 Habib Bank Limited, I-12 Sector Branch, Islamabad or through Bank Draft/Pay order in favour of “NUTECH, Islamabad”.
  • Fee for the issuance of transcript:

CategoryCharges Per CopyProcessing Fee (once)

  • After receipt of application form, the data will be entered on the transcript issuance register.
  • After verification of all the documents provided by student, Exam office will issue the receipt to the student mentioning the date of delivery of transcript.
  • Application form along relevant documents sent to HoD of respective department, after signature from HoD the same forward to Treasure Office for NOC.
  • Transcript will be prepared in as per the application requirement (Urgent/Normal).
  • In case of outstanding dues, student will not be issued with the Interim/Final transcripts until clearance certificate is received along with application form.
  • Additional (duplicate) number of Interim/final transcripts will be issued upon payment of Rs. 500/- per copy.
  • Office copy of the Interim/Final Transcript will be deposited in the student’s dossier, maintained at NUTECH Examinations Office.
  • The signed Transcript will be handed over to student himself.
  • Transcript will be deliver to the authorized person after getting an authority letter from the concerned student.
  • In case student opt to receive transcript by hand ensure receipt within 30 days of application.