• Can I apply for more than one program?

    Answer.  Yes, you can apply for more than one program by assigning priorities to the program in which you are interested.


  • Is NUTECH conduct its own Entry Test?

    Answer.  Yes, NUTECH conducts its own Entrance Test (NUET) to apply for the undergraduate degree programs. SAT scores are accepted for foreign applicants.

  • What is the format of Entrance Test?

    Answer.  NUET consists of 200 MCQs. Each question shall be presented with four answer options.

  • What is the duration of the Test?

    Answer.   Time duration of the entry test is three hours.

  • Can candidates leave before finish time?

    Answer.   No. Candidates will not be allowed to leave exam hall before finish time.

  • At what time student should report to Exam center?

    Answer.   Minimum two hours before start of the test.

  • Is Entrance Test charges refundable?

    Answer.   No, NUTECH entrance test charges is non-refundable.

  • Is selective study is sufficient for Entry Test preparation?

    Answer.   No, selective study is highly discouraged as you can never be sure what topic might be focused in the test so it is risky and not advisable. In terms of preparation, you should focus on conceptual studies rather than cramming. You should not leave any chapter / topic on choice as the syllabus of test includes all the chapters.

  • How to prepare for the Entrance Test?

    Answer.   Students of FSc stream have an edge over “A” level students since syllabus of NUET is in line with FSc syllabus. In term of preparation it is suggested that you should have a command over everything you have studied in syllabus of Intermediate/ “A” Level.   

  • How to prepare for subjects in less time frame?

    Answer.   Best technique for students who are not prepared for all the subjects is to focus more on subjects that have more weightages, giving equal time to prepare for all subjects may not be the best idea. Otherwise, play it safe and begin preparing will in advance.


  • Can I get a sample test paper of NUTECH Entry Test?

    Answer.   Tutorial of computer based test is available on NUTECH website.

  • Is there any negative marking in the NUTECH Entry Test?

    Answer.   No, there is no negative marking, hence you should not leave any question unanswered.

  • When result of Entry test will be announced?

    Answer.   Test result will be announced within 72 hours.

  • Can I get a copy of NUTECH Entry Test Result?

    Answer.   Desirous candidates may obtain the result details of their entrance test from the link available on NUTECH website.

  • What all documents are required for NUET?

    Following documents are required for NUET.

      1. CNIC/Family Registration Certificate(FRC)/ Form “B” / NICOP
      2. Admit Card