NUTECH Exam office conducts exams of affiliated institutes for short courses exams in transparent manner.



National University of Technology (NUTECH) is an accredited Qualification Awarding Body (QAB) of the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Pakistan. QAB is authorized to award level 1 to 5 certificates and diplomas, which are officially recognized within and outside Pakistan. NUTECH as QAB has the mandate to affiliate Technical and Vocational institutes and conduct their examinations, assessments and award certificates in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). To affiliate institute with NUTECH, an affiliation policy is being furnished.

Affiliation Policy

An “institution” shall be affiliated when following conditions are fulfilled:

  • That the institution is under the management of a regular constituted body.
  • That the financial resources are such as to make due provision for the continuous maintenance and efficient working of the Institution.
  • That qualifications of the instructional staff and the conditions governing their tenure of office are such as to make the due provision for the courses of instructions and teaching or training to be imparted by the Institution.
  • Safety and security provisions arrangements are available.
  • That the building in which the Institution is located is suitable and that provision will be made in conformity with the Rules and Regulations laid down by the NUTECH for the requisite facilities.
  • That any specific fee charged from the students is spent for the purpose for which it is charged.
  • That candidates will not be allowed to appear in any other examination /test simultaneously when the examination/tests at the same time are held by the NUTECH.
  • That the Institution undertakes to observe Rules that may be framed by the NUTECH from time to time and to supply such reports and returns and other information as the NUTECH may require to judge the efficiency of the institute.
  • Affiliation of courses shall be valid for one year and extendable on the written request of the institute along with prescribed charges.
  • A non-refundable affiliation fee and annual fee as prescribed by the NUTECH will be charged from the Institution along with the application.
  • The institution shall not operate other courses, which are not approved by the NUTECH without prior intimation to NUTECH.
  • The Institution shall not issue certificate of any kind to the students bearing logo/monogram of NUTECH.
  • In case of violation of any instruction, the Institute shall be liable for disciplinary action as deemed fit by NUTECH authorities.
  • Unless specifically permitted by the NUTECH, no Institution desiring affiliation shall register or admit students on NUTECH name until the affiliation is finally granted and NUTECH reserves the right to regret registration of trainees.

Affiliation Process

The process of affiliation with NUTECH QAB is as follows:

  • The Institute applies for NUTECH affiliation
  • NUTECH shares self-assessment form with the institute
  • The Institute fills self-assessment form and send it back to NUTECH for evaluation
  • NUTECH team visits the institute to evaluate the self-assessment report submitted by the applicant institute
  • NUTECH shares observations and Gap Analysis to the institute given them 3 months’ time for preparation
  • NUTECH team conducts zero visit for evaluation and grading of the institute
  • Zero visit is repeated within a period of 3 months if some major observations are noted during the 1st zero visit
  • The Institute running 04 or less courses must score 50% marks in all courses to be eligible for NUTECH affiliation.
  • The Institute running more than 04 courses must score 50% marks in at least 04 courses to be eligible for NUTECH affiliation.
  • Affiliation is granted provisionally for a specified period if not extended or made permanent shall lapse automatically at the end of the period for which it was granted.
  • NUTECH make such further enquiry/inspection as may be necessary.
  • When an Institution desires to add to the courses of instruction in respect of its affiliation, the procedure prescribed for affiliation so far as may be, shall be followed.
  • Report and recommendations of the Inspection Committee cannot be challenged at any forum.

TORs for Affiliation

  • Affiliation fee will be Rs 20,000/- (1,000 application fee, non-refundable) once at the time of registration and the annual fee for renewal of affiliation is Rs.2,500/- per trade/year. Rs. 700/- per trainee will be charged on account of trade testing/certification charges. Re-test fee will be Rs.1000/chance and duplicate certificate fee will be Rs. 1000/certificate.
  • Date of Trade Testing shall be fixed with the consultation and prior approval of NUTECH.
  • Changes in courses and duration if any shall only be allowed with the prior approval of NUTECH.
  • The Institute shall be governed by such rules and orders relating to Registration, Affiliations, Examinations, Certification, etc. as may be issued from time to time by the NUTECH.
  • The registration shall be renewed on yearly basis, based on the performance of the institute.
  • The NUTECH reserves the right to cancel affiliation at any time without assigning any reason.