Rechecking Policy

Grading is prerogative of respective faculty member under Relative Grading System. Re-checking does not mean re-assessment or re-evaluation of the answer book. Salient of proposed policy are:-

  • There is no mistake in the grand total on the title page of the answer book.
  • The total of various parts of a question has been correctly made at the end of each question.
  • All totals have been correctly brought forward on the title page of the answer book.
  • No portion of answer book has been left un-marked.
  • Total number of questions attempted does not exceed the limit allowed in Question Paper.
  • Total marks in the answer-book tally with the marks sheet.
  • Viva/Practical and internal assessment marks are not re-tabulated.
  • The student or anybody on his/her behalf has no right to see or examine the answer-book for any purpose.
  • Increase/decrease in the final marks of the student will be decided according to the results of re-checking.


  • Fill the re-checking application form completely.
  • Deposit re-checking fee amounting to Rs. 500/- per paper and enclose Original deposit slip along with the application form.
  • Mention clearly the subject/paper required to be re-checked.
  • An application form shall be entertained only if it is complete in all respect and is  received in the HoD office along with the prescribed fee within 15 days after the declaration of the relevant result.
  • Incomplete and incorrect forms shall be returned to the candidate for completion and if it is not submitted within the prescribed time limit, no action shall be taken on it.