Proposed Scenarios




·               Whispering / Talking
·               Glancing / Looking / Staring
·               Responding to others whispers and assisting others in seeing own Answer Sheet.
·               Talking to another candidate during examination in the exam hall with the purpose to receive help.
·               Being caught talking while outside the examination hall during the examination when allowed to go out e.g. visit to washroom etc.
·               Getting / giving assistance by exchange of personal items like calculators, etc.
·               Giving/Receiving assistance/copying from another candidate’s Answer Sheet or allowing any other candidate to copy from his Answer Sheet.


·               Misbehaving with the invigilator / Supervisory staff or refusal to adhere to University rules.
·               Sitting contrary to seating plan, intentionally.
·               Writing on the desk before the start of the exam.
·               Carrying helpful material written on hands / arms / calculator etc.
·               Exchanging Question Papers
·               Repeat offences of Level - I
·               Other offences of similar nature and intensity.


·               Carrying mobile phone, programmable calculator or other electronic device helpful in exam.
·               In possession or accessible to books or copy from books/papers or other helping/cheating material.
·               Using abusive or obscene language in his/her Answer Sheet (s).
·               Writing each other’s Roll No. on own Answer Sheet.
·               Exchanging Answer Sheets during the examination.
·               Disclosing candidates' identity in Answer booklets.
·               Replacing answer sheets with other Answer Sheets not distributed for this exam (e.g. prepared at home, prepared in class).
·               Proxy Sitting
·               During open book examination / Open Ended Lab Project, having exactly the same answers as of colleagues.
·               During online / viva, if it is found that student has copied the solution from other student.
·               An approach made to an examiner or any other officer of the University by relative, guardian or friend of the candidate.
·               Communication or attempt to communicate, with faculty / examiners, or other officer/s of the University with the intent to influence them in the award of marks.
·               Leaking information about question papers.
·               Rustling Answer booklets in or outside the examination center.
·               Addition to Answer booklets after examination.
·               Addition to Answer booklets after examination.
·               Helping the candidates to use unfair means in any form and by any one in or outside the examination center.
·               Obtaining admission to an examination on false identity / impersonation.
·               Found (in or around an examination hall) in possession of weapons.
·               Repeat offences of Level - II
·               Other offences of similar nature and intensity.