Dr. Sajeela Ahmed

Designation                        Assistant Professor                                                        

Email ID(s)                          sajeelaahmed@nutech.ed.pk                                                    

Contact #                             3215130195                                                                                                                                                        

Profile Summary

An innovative, energetic and self-motivated researcher with almost 10 years of diverse research experience in the disciplines of Cardiovascular Sciences, Molecular Biology, Molecular Virology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Highly efficient and systematic with a good eye for detail and a proactive approach to performance and data accuracy. Responsible for conducting researches indifferent countries e.g. (Italy, Germany, Sweden and Pakistan) focusing on:
• Reduction of oxidative stress during ischemia reperfusion injury
• Signal transduction in Hepatitis B Virus
• Nephrotoxicity induced by acrylamide
• Construct formation and transformation of gene

Sr. NoDegreeUniversityYear
1P.hD (Cardiovascular Sciences)University of Verona, Italy2018
2MS. (Molecular Biology)University of skovde , Sweden2010
3M.Phil.(Biochemistry/ Moleuclar Genetics)Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan2009
4M.Sc. (Plant Sciences)Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan2007
5B.Sc. ( Science)Punjab University2005

Teaching Experience

Sr. NoDesignationUniversityYear
1Assistant ProfessorNational University of Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan2019present

Honors and Awards

Sr. NoAwardYear
1Presented my research work in the 10th World Congress on Polyphenols in Porto, Portugal.2016
2Received PhD. Full scholarship from University of Verona, Italy, 2014-2018.2014
3Received distinction in my M.S. research work from Skovde University Sweden.20102010
4Awarded scholarship in my MS Project by the Institute of Infection Medicine, UKSH Kiel, Germany. 20102010
5Achieved Scholarship in my M.Phil. Degree from the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad after obtaining A Grade in the 1st Semester.20082008

Research Areas/Interests

Sr. NoAreaDescription
1Biochemistry/ Moleuclar BiologyCardio-protective effects of Polyphenols against Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in rats Verona university, Italy
2BiotechnologyI was involved in making of construction and transformation of herbicide resistance gene in ground nut using various molecular and biotechnological methods.
3Molecular Virology/ Cell Biology Worked as a research assistant in a lab project investigating the signaling cascades effecting early life cycle of Hepatitis B Virus (Institute of Infection medicine, Molecular medical virology, University Hospital, Kiel

University, Germany).
4Biochemistry/ Moleuclar GeneticsPerformed a research project as a part of M.Phil. Dissertation focusing on Acrylamide induces nephrotoxicity in rats and protective effect of Digera muricata (Mart) at histological and biochemical level.

Journal Publications

Sr. NoJournal NamePublication Title with I.FYear
1International Journal of Agriculture &BiologyUzma, M.R. Khan, A.Muhammad, I. Hussan, S. H.Shah, T. Kumar, S. Inam, M. Zubair, H.Rehman, A.Sher, N. Rehman, Sajeela.Ahmed and G. M.Ali, “Rapid in vitro Multiplication of Sugarcane Elite Genotypes and Detection of Sugarcane Mosaic Virus through two Steps RTPCR”, ,2012, (0.85)2012
2AntioxidantSajeela.Ahmed, N.Ahmed, B.Kulsoom,G.Inamorati , A. Mehmood,S. Ayoub Meo, M.A. Gebrie, D. Linardi, R. Mani,F. Merigo, F.Guzzo,G. B. Luciani , A. Rungatscher, G. Faggian, Cocoa Flavanoids reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in Myocardial Ischemia Reperfusion Experimental Model.2020

Conference Publications

Sr. NoJournal NamePublication TitleYear
1HeartN.Ahmed, D. Linardi, Sajeela.Ahmed, R. Mehboob, G. B. Luciani, G. Faggian, and A. Rungatscher, “Cardioprotective role of fingolimod in ischemia-reperfusion injury by activation of akt/erk pathways in rat model,2017
2HeartN.Ahmed, D. Linardi, Sajeela.Ahmed, R. Mehboob, G. B. Luciani, G. Faggian, and A. Rungatscher, “233 Anti-arrhythmic role of sphingosine 1-phospahte in post-operative atrial fibrillation by pak1 activation.2017
3Journal of International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health/ISANHSajeela.Ahmed, M. Commisso,S. Negri, M.A.Gebrie, N. Ahmed, A. Rungatscher, G. B. Luciani, F. Guzzo &G.Faggian,”Determination of total phenolic compounds in recioto red wine and commercially available cocoa pills by HPLC-DAD.ESI-MS”.2016