Biology Research Publications

Ser NoPublication TitleAuthorsCategoryYear of Publication
1ZnII Complexes for Bioimaging and Correlated ApplicationsDr. Sajid HussainJournal2019
2Efficient cell classification of mitochondrial images by using deep learningDr. Sajid HussainJournal2019
3Cell Recognition of Microscopy Images of TPEF (Two Photon Excited Florescence) ProbesDr. Sajid HussainConference2019
4A Series of Two-photon Absorption Pyridinium Sulfonate Inner Salts Targeting Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER), Inducing Cellular Stress and Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptosisin CancerCellsDr. Sajid HussainJournal2018
5Neun-specific fluorescent probe revealing neuronal nuclei protein and nuclear acids association in living neurons under STED nanoscopyDr. Sajid HussainJournal2018
6A molecular probe based on pyrimidine imidazole derivatives for stable super-resolution endoplasmic reticulum imaging in living cellsDr. Sajid HussainJournal2018
7A series of water-soluble pyridinium derivatives with two-photon absorption in the near infrared region for Mitochondria targeting under stimulated emission depletion (STED) nanoscopyDr. Sajid HussainJournal2017
8A study on genetic diversity and evolutionary analysis of ECA1 proteins in different plant species.Dr. Roohi AslamJournal2020
9Phytochemical, In-Vitro Biological and Chemo-preventive Profiling of Arisaema jacquemontii Blume Tuber ExtractsDr. Roohi AslamJournal2019
10A comprehensive overview of transcription factors (WRKY, NAC and BZIP) in plants. International Journal of BiosciencesDr. Roohi AslamJournal2019
11Genome-wide analysis of wheat calcium ATPases and potential role of selected ACAs and ECAs in calcium stress.Dr. Roohi AslamJournal2017
12New advances in insect vector biology and virus epidemiologyDr. Roohi AslamBook chapter2020
13Usage of Entomopathogenic Viruses for Insect Pest Control. In Biopesticides in Organic FarmingDr. Roohi AslamBook chapter2021