Chairman Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) Visits NUTECH

Lt Gen Ali Amir Awan, Chairman Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF), Wah Cantt alongwith delegation visited NUTECH on 17 Feb 2021. The Chairman was briefed about NUTECH concept, vision, education system, future academic programs, national & international collaboration with industries and provided updates on progress towards establishing NUTECH as ‘University for Industry’. POF Chairman desired for mutual collaboration projects with NUTECH and agreed to strengthen the collaboration at intellectual, academic, research & professional level. After the briefing and discussion, an MOU was signed between NUTECH and POF. This MOU will be further translated into an action plan by a Joint Working Group comprising technical experts from both sides. This action plan will enable the NUTECH faculty and students to carry out Research and Development at POF, provide technical solution for emerging technology problems, trainings and internships opportunities and collaboration in skill development of POF workforce.