NUTECH Sports Gala: Celebrating Student Sports Gala and Promoting Sportsmanship

The much-anticipated NUTECH Sports Gala came to a thrilling end today as students from National University of Technology (NUTECH) demonstrated their exceptional sporting skills and competed in various games, including cricket, snooker, futsal, basketball, badminton, and table tennis. The event, held over the past week, proved to be a resounding success in fostering a healthy competitive spirit and encouraging teamwork among the participants. The highlight of the Sports Gala was the enthusiastic participation of Rector NUTECH, Lt Gen (R) Moazam Ejaz, who displayed his sporting prowess by actively engaging in both cricket and futsal matches. As a leader committed to the overall development and well-being of the NUTECH community, Lt Gen (R) Moazzam Ejaz exemplified true sportsmanship and served as an inspiration to the students. One of the most memorable moments of the Sports Gala was the friendly cricket match between senior faculty members and senior management, which generated immense excitement and camaraderie among the participants. Rector Lt Gen (R) Moazzam Ejaz demonstrated his exceptional cricketing skills during the match, further strengthening the bond between the NUTECH administration and teaching staff. To honor the remarkable performances and achievements of the participating teams, Rector Lt Gen (R) Moazzam Ejaz presented trophies to the runners-up and winners during an esteemed ceremony. This served as a token of appreciation for their dedication, perseverance, and exceptional sporting prowess demonstrated throughout the Sports Gala. The NUTECH Sports Gala not only provided a platform for students to exhibit their abilities but also highlighted the university’s commitment to holistic development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. By organizing such events, NUTECH aims to promote a culture of sportsmanship, encouraging students to engage in physical activities and enhancing their overall well-being. NUTECH expresses its sincere appreciation to all the participants, volunteers, and organizers who contributed to the success of the Sports Gala. Their collective efforts ensured that the event was a true celebration of sports and camaraderie.