Rector Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz, HI (M) (Retd) Hails NUTECH’s Exemplary Performance in Year 2023

Rector NUTECH Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz, HI( M) (Ret), in his address to the esteemed faculty and support staff of NUTECH, lauded their exceptional performance throughout 2023. 

Commending their unwavering commitment to excellence, he acknowledged the pivotal role they played in elevating NUTECH’s stature as a premier technological institution. Lieutenant General Moazzam Ejaz, HI(M) (Ret), Rector of NUTECH, delivered a comprehensive address to the university faculty and support staff, highlighting the commendable performance of various departments throughout 2023. The Rector acknowledged the dedicated efforts of the university community in achieving milestones and fostering a culture of excellence. During the address, discussions centered around the strategic steps taken for the overall development of the university. Rector Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz, HI(M) (Ret) outlined key initiatives and future projects aimed at advancing NUTECH’s mission of providing high-quality education and contributing to technological innovation. The Rector also shared insights into collaborative efforts with other universities, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in driving collective progress. The discussions revolved around collaborative projects, research initiatives, and knowledge-sharing platforms that will contribute to the broader development of the academic landscape. In line with NUTECH’s commitment to continuous improvement, Rector Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz, HI(M) (Ret) expressed optimism about the future and encouraged the faculty and staff to actively participate in the university’s growth journey and give ultimate top quality services,  to the students of National university of technology. The address concluded on a forward-looking note, reflecting the shared vision for NUTECH’s ongoing success and its positive impact on the academic community. NUTECH is a premier technological university dedicated to providing high-quality education, fostering innovation, and contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation. With a commitment to excellence, NUTECH prepares students for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and research.