A team from TUM IntI/HTS Group (a project development company of Technical University of Munich (TUM) Germany) visited NUTECH from 8 – 10 Sep 2021. During the course of visit, the team was given detailed briefing at NUTECH on the in-vogue academic research &.industrial engaged system alongwith suggested collaboration areas. The team was also taken to Capital Smart City (the new NUTECH campus site) and surgical instrument Manufacturing Association of Pakistan (SIMAP). In view of TUM Intl/HTS Group potential, NUTECH mostly engaged the group for cooperation in the emerging technologies in the industry 4.0 context specifically, bio-medical, surgical instruments, precision manufacturing, renewable emerging areas & digital automation etc. HTS Group declared its serious and long-term intention to collaboration directly with NUTECH and other public/private partner through NUTECH only. Major areas of envisaged collaboration include but not limited to establishment of Liaison & Technology Transfer office (LTTD) at NUTECH, academic cluster & exchange program, participation in Joint research projects, vocational training and dual education program etc. A comprehensive mechanism for sorting out modalities for future undertaking is being formulated. It is expected that MoU between NUTECH and TUM Intl/HTS Group in near future would pave way for devising a long-term collaboration roadmap.