Research Projects

Projects – IGNITE

Sr.Project TitleFunding AgencyFunded AmountP.I
1Design and Hardware Implementation of Bidirectional Power Converter For Vehicle Grid IntegrationIGNITE45516Dr Waqar Uddin
2Improving the extracting capability of a sunflower oil and to produce the biodieselIGNITE70000Engr. Ali Raza
3Umeed Wearable Robotic Exo GloveIGNITE70746Dr Muhammad Rashid
4Smart Security SystemIGNITE76320Dr Beenish Fida
5Wall Climbing RobotIGNITE58400Syed Shahzad Hussain
6Three phase Fault Analysis and Health Management of and Induction MotorIGNITE66800Dr Muhammad Abu Bakr
7Gesture Control RobotIGNITE41310Dr Abdullah Waqas
8Design and Fabrication of Test Rig for Disc BrakesIGNITE73110Dr Muhammad Khurram
9Design and Hardware Implementation of Bidirectional Power Converter For Vehicle Grid IntegrationIGNITE45516Dr Waqar Uddin
10IOT Based Smart Energy System for NUTECHIGNITE30764Dr Khalid Iqbal
11Design and Implementation of IoT based Smart Energy MeterIGNITE40925Dr Adnan Saeed
12An automated personality prediction by video processing using deep learningIGNITE79000Dr Saman Riaz
13Deep Learning-Based Facial Recognition System for Automated AttendanceIGNITE69300Dr Sultan Daud
14Real Time Vehicle Security SystemIGNITE65045Dr Rafi Ullah
15Bionic LegIGNITE31180Dr Yasir Awais Butt
16GPS and IoR based Real-Time Vehicle Tracjing System using SmartphoneIGNITE15100Dr Qasim Mehmood

Projects – PEC

Sr.Project TitleFunding AgencyFunded AmountP.ICo P.I
17Prosthetic Hand for trans radial amputated personPEC70000Dr Abdullah Waqas –
18Control of a 6 DoF Robotic ManipulatorPEC200000Dr. Umair KhanDr. Kamran Javed
19Virtual Reality Based Excavator Training SimulatorPEC200000Dr Awais Yasin– 
20Improvement in the strength of unburnt bricks using fly ash and bagasse ash as cementitious materialPEC140,000Lec. EhsanUllah Khan –
21Evaluation of Empirical SPT N-Vs Correlations Using 1D Site Response Analysis and Improving the Shear Strength of Expansive SoilPEC100,000Dr Muhammad Aaqib –
22Condition monitoring and diagnostics of critical engineering assets based on machine learningPEC200000Dr. Kamran Javed –
23SAKOON: Automating the Electric Workload of a BuildingPEC200000Dr. Ejaz KhanEngr Aqib Khan
24FPGA based real-time video processing systemPEC100000Dr.  AR Buzdar –
25Design & Model Fabrication of Brown Sugar Making Machine from Sugarcane Juice for Small Scale FarmersPEC200000Sajid Raza ZaidiKhubaib Haider

Projects – HEC

Sr.Project TitleFunding AgencyFunded AmountP.ICo P.I
26Evaluation of phytochemical, biological potential and nanoparticles
analysis of Citrus lemon L
HEC500000Dr. Shamsa Munir –
27Novel nanocomposite based electrochemical sensor for detection of water borne pathogensHEC8347500Faiza Jan IftikharDr. Imran Malik (HEJ), Dr. Qamar Wali (NUTECH),
28Development of Seismic Site Amplification Model for Shallow Bedrock Sites in PakistanHEC2800000Dr. Muhammad AaqibDr. Shamsher Sadiq (GIKI)
29AI based Smart Precision Agricultural for Rural Areas of PakistanHEC12558000Dr Muhammad Abu BakrDr Adnan Saeed
  Total24.2 Mn  

Projects – Misc

Sr.Project TitleFunding AgencyFunded AmountP.ICo P.I
30Design And Development of Multi-Rotor UAV for Heavy PayloadNESCOM1,000,000Dr. Awais Yasin –
31Design And Development Of Portable Ground Control Station (GCS) For UAVsNESCOM1,000,000Dr. Awais Yasin –
32ICT AppliCaTions for sustaInable enVironmental protEction (ACTIVE)EU Funding27000000Dr. Marium JalalDr. Almas Anjum
33Visual Odometry Using Deep LearningRAC Directorate (NESCOM)200,000Lec. Faria Tasneem
34Design and development of TDMA wireless network radiosNESCOM500,000Dr. Qasim Mahmood Ch –
35DSP and wireless communication system designNCF, PAF400,000Dr. Qasim Mahmood Ch –
36Multiclass Classification of objects in grayscale aerial imagery using deep learning frameworksAWC200000Dr Sultan Daud– 
  Total30.3 Mn  

Applied for Grants

S.No.TitlePIIndustrial/ CollaboratorFunding AgencyGrantDate of SubmissionTotal Budget (PKR Mn)
1Promoting Electric Vehicle Policy in Pakistan: Fabrication of Lithium-Air BatteriesDr. Faiza JanN/AHECTDF30-Dec-2214
2Design and development of Biomass Pelletizer for Clean Energy and AgricultureDr. Umair ManzoorTECHNO KRATES CONSULTANCY (SMCPRIVATE) LIMITEDHECRTTG-I7-Feb-232.37
3Artificial Intelligence Enabled Post-flood disaster situation understanding for smart emergency responseD. Sultan Daud KhanHealth and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)HECRTTG-I7-Feb-2312.44
4Detection of Potholes on Roads and Erosion Issues in Service Corridors Using AIDr. Benish FidaONE Network Pvt LtdHECRTTG-II8-Jun-2312.25
5Design & fabrication of biocompatible functionalized graphene-based nanohybrids for cancer treatment using magnetic hyperthermia approachDr. Khush BakhtKN International Pvt LtdPSFResearch Support Program5-April-2323.61