Supporting Offices

For the smooth functioning of various academic components and units of NUTECH, the University has appointed various Deans and Directors. All these components work under the supervision of the Dean of University. The details whereof are as below:

Dean of Research

Dean of Research undertakes overall responsibility for technology research administration and policy at NUTECH. He also is responsible for research integrity and compliance and plays a central role in developing and maintaining all technology research based relationships with the federal government organizations, research funding agencies and research support institutions of the country and abroad.

Dean of Graduate Education

DGE is responsible to undertake University wide support and referral office for all graduate (MS/M-Phil and PhD) students and administration. The office of the said Dean supports and serves individual graduate students, programs and schools/labs/institutes and any other academic units of NUTECH in order to make graduate education at the university empowering, exciting, holistic and transformative.

Dean of Under Graduate Education

DUE is responsible for catalyzing and leading broad institutional efforts such as improving the four years’ under graduate experience, residential education, advising, professional development and diversities. He is responsible for curriculum development and its continuous improvement as per NUTECH vision and mission.

Dean of Students Life

Dean of Students Life is responsible for the direction and oversight of NUTECH core support services for all the academics and research of students in addition to the programs that will enrich their community life. The Office of the said Dean manages affairs related to the students support, wellbeing, residential education, intellectual and innovative skills development, leadership, ethical activities and life. In addition the office oversees the activities of the department of Athletics, physical education, recreation, character building and counseling.

Director NUTECH Technology Labs

Director NUTL is responsible to establish internationally acclaimed engineering technology labs through research collaborations and strengthened academia-industrial linkages. NUTL derives its capabilities by the conglomerate of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Engineering labs, Computer Science Labs and Basic Sciences Labs (Chemistry, and Physics). All of these labs vary in the scope as per the requirements and university degree / course objectives.