NUTL Computing Labs

1. General Purpose Computing Labs

The Computer Science department maintains three general use labs. GP Lab focuses on multi-disciplinary research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence,Algorithm designing, simulator design and and practicing cutting-edge technologies in IT industry.This 8-hour lab offers 50 workstations that include 50 Windows workstations; multimedia. Workstation (HP Z2 G4 Tower) with 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7-8700 Six-Core are being used by students to work on Lab assignments and develop interactive Projects.

To support software development and Web Solutions GP Lab assists students in provision of state-of-the art softwares like MATLAB, PYTHON Frameworks, Graphics Sofwares(Adobe Illustrater,Corel Graphics) ,Visual Studio Tools for Software and Web Applications ). These workstations of the lab are for use  by Computer Science students, staff, and faculty, sponsored guests.Each of Computer Science labs can be reserved for classes and special projects. To reserve a lab, contact respective Lab Engineer.