Classroom Learning

Like its unique and diversified curriculum NUTECH has also technology and learning focused approach to learning. Based on reputed international practices learning approached is a blend of classroom teaching and outside class learning.

NUTECH UG Academic System is committed to provide every undergraduate student with an outstanding education, grounded in basic, social and applied sciences and engineering that will:-

  • Prepare the students to meet the challenges of a professional and personal life.
  • Inspire self-learning and peer-learning.
  • Help to develop creative, critical, and innovative thinking and encourage students’ inquisitiveness through various experiential learning programs.
  • Recognize the importance of intellectual connections and discoveries outside the classroom.
  • Strengthen respect for diverse cultures.
  • Appreciate value of divergent views.
  • Help develop industrial leadership abilities and skills.

NUTECH UG education is built around creativity, innovation, and strong academia- industry linkage, and is based on the concept of Learning by Doing. NUTECH academic year is comprised of four terms as mentioned below. Fall and spring are regular semesters and are run as 16 weeks of teaching and one week of examination. Regular subjects are offered during fall and spring terms. During Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT), undergraduate students are required to do creative and innovative projects and independent activities based on their personal

interests. Summer term encourages students to undertake industry projects and internships apart from academic improvements.

No of weeks in each term and breaks