Undergraduate Research Experience Program

UREP aims to cultivate and support technology driven research partnerships between NUTECH undergraduates and faculty. As Technology Research Group (TRG) members the undergraduates will either join established technology research projects or pursue their own ideas.

The students are encouraged to get involved in such technology driven pursuits as early as possible in an undergraduate career to avail the obvious advantages of establishing intellectual ties with the faculty and graduate technology research scholars.

The majors of TRGs to be acquired are, data-gathering, technology laboratory techniques, exploring the frontiers of a technology field, undertaking industrial research topics, facing a real-world industry-based technology driven problems and establishing a focus for educational experiences.

Through UREP, students gain a better understanding of the intellectual process of inquiry in a technological field, while having the opportunity to experience personal and professional growth.

Guidelines for participation are provided by UREP staff in the Office of NUTECH Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (NUAAP).