President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Visits National University of Technology (NUTECH)

December 27, 2018

The President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with a delegation comprising of VCs from AJK public sector universities visited National University of Technology (NUTECH) today. Rector NUTECH welcomed the honorable guests. The delegates were briefed about the vision and mission of NUTECH. Rector highlighted the needs of our industry and explained, to the honorable guests, a roadmap how NUTECH aims to fulfill these needs. President appreciated NUTECH model especially, besides existing, emerging and future hard core technologies, its focus on supporting technologies such as Business Development, Logistics & Replenishment, and Financing.
The President, after the briefing, visited the campus and interacted with the students in the classrooms and labs. The eye catching design of the campus building including labs and classrooms impressed the honorable guests and they especially appreciated University's efforts to attain this standard in such a short time.
Later, the President addressed the faculty, support staff and students wherein he congratulated the students for being part of such a revolutionary institution. The honorable guest professed that the establishment of NUTECH is a timely taken initiative. While addressing the faculty and students he said "I want to emphasize here that we must invest in quality so that our graduates are acceptable to the industry and are employed as soon as they complete their studies". The President advised the students to make it a vision for themselves that they will be second to none, and make it a vision for the country that this nation would be in world top 20 economies. The students should then work hard for its achievement, the President maintained. In the end, the President said "We are really impressed with the revolutionary concept of NUTECH and our visit today will create a strong bond between NUTECH and the universities of AJK". He further said "The President of AJK is here today to make right collaboration at a right level"
The President along with the delegation left the campus with these compliments: "It is a pleasure to be at the newly founded national university of technology. I pay tribute to honor Rector Engineer Khalid Asghar for this timely and innovative initiative which will fill a gapping gap in our education system and industry. My compliments also to the armed forces of Pakistan, the carefully selected talented faculty and brilliant students for giving a new template for revolutionizing Pakistan's economy".

Two-day Launch Conference of the Islamabad National University

December 22, 2018

Rector attended the two-day launch conference of the Islamabad National University held at the former Prime Minister House organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on the topic "emerging challenges and opportunities for Pakistan". The purpose of this conference was to gather best brains from across the country and abroad to develop an action agenda for the thematic research. A large number of international and national research and academics field experts attended the conference and emphasized on the need to create capacities to capitalize on various opportunities by accelerating efforts for knowledge creation through applied research and its sharing.

CEO Shifa hospital visits NUTECH

December 19, 2018

CEO Shifa hospital, Mr. Manzoor visited NUTECH for discussing a future collaboration in terms of different vocational skills program. NUTECH also invited Shifa hospital team to work with NUTECH team as a step forward towards mutual alliance work on the university tour of Finland in 2019, which focuses on cooperation in hospitality, industrial stitching and programs related to applied sciences technologies. At the end, Rector presented commemorative shields to the worthy guests.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) team visits NUTECH

December 19, 2018

MOFA Additional secretary, Mr Imitiaz along with his team visited NUTECH to exchange views on Technical Intern Training program started by Japan. Rector emphasized on selection of students from NUTECH affiliated institutes to become part of this initiative step from Government of Pakistan collaboration with Japan Government in fulfilling the Japan industrial needs as well as beneficial for Pakistan industries.

The University of Utah Follows up on Comprehensive Collaboration with NUTECH

December 18, 2018

National University of Technology (NUTECH) recently hosted representatives from The University of Utah. Recognized as a Top-Tier 1 research university, the UU continues to develop groundbreaking research on local, national and international levels. In addition to the diverse research portfolio, the institution is also a catalyst for growth in technology and innovation, creating over 280 spin-out companies from the university's inventions and technologies.
The University of Utah visit to NUTECH is the continuation of their efforts to achieve global research partnerships with strategic partners like NUTECH. While on the NUTECH campus, the representatives participated in detailed briefings and discussions to endorse the areas of mutual cooperation/collaboration identified on the basis of NUTECH delegation visit to Utah in Oct 2018. They also discussed Plan-of-Action for future collaboration including prioritization of initiatives and actions such as faculty/students training at UU, elective teaching and mentoring, curriculum development and reforms, designing training modules, research agenda/research program development and management. They also agreed for active participation in NUTECH International Technology Symposium (NITS 2019). Modalities for signing a joint MoU between NUTECH, U Utah and Mehran University of Engineering Technology (MUET) for developing integrated water management technologies and strategies were also discussed and the partners agreed to sign the MoU in the next visit by Utah delegation in Mar 2019 after finalizing the contents of the proposed MoU.
After the briefing and discussions, the delegates visited different academic and admin blocks of the university. Later, Dr. Steven Burian delivered a lecture on "best practices in academic teaching and learning" and Dr Sajjad Ahmad on "faculty research design at University of Nevada Las Vegas" to the NUTECH faculty and support staff. At the end, Rector presented souvenirs to the delegates and thanked the honorable guests with the hope to make this partnership more meaningful in the coming days.

Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited (KTML) team visits NUTECH

December 11, 2018

Both KTML and NUTECH realized the need for future collaboration on the industrial stitching unit in order to meet the needs of industrial skilled workers in the country. Rector desired KTML to invest on university vocational skill stitching program labs setup and in future, this small setup will be converted into "Textile Mill College" in a new university campus. KTML appreciated the university vision, structure and showed ardent interest in future partnership with the university and a generic agreement in the form of an MoU. This future alliance will benefit students in the form of new job opportunities platform, KTML professionals' assistance and training.

Student's hiking trip to Margallah Hills

December 09, 2018

NUTECH, with its futuristic scope, is not only committed to provide excellent academic facilities to the future technologists but also aims at creating congenial environment for the students to broaden their horizon about life in general and their own role and responsibilities in particular. In this regard, a hiking trip to Margallah Hills, Islamabad was arranged on 9th December, 2018. This hiking expedition offered students and faculty an opportunity to play their role in collecting and disposing of litter/waste that spoils/pollutes our environment and wildlife habitat. The purpose of this trip was to develop and foster healthy habits in students with a view to create awareness among them about their responsibilities towards society and environment.

Chairman Finland Pakistan Business Council visits NUTECH

December 08, 2018

Mr. Wille Eerloa visited NUTECH on 8 th December, 2018 for discussing future collaborations relationship with our Rector. After the meeting and discussion, he visited university campus, classrooms and CTTI labs. A team from NUTECH is planned to visit Finland's vocational and technical school Turku in January 2019 where possibility of future collaboration and agreements would be discussed. At the end, Rector presented commemorative shield to the worthy guest.

National Voter's Day 2018

December 07, 2018

NUTECH celebrated "National Voter's Day" at its academic block on 7th December, 2018 with a purpose to accentuate and generate awareness among the new generation about their votes significance. The comprehensive program conducted in the respective classrooms under the supervision of Dean of student life. The event commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by the student's group presentation and speeches on the history of Pakistan's elections, importance of youth's participation in elections and Pakistanís democratic system.

Hashoo Group CEO visits NUTECH

December 06, 2018

Both NUTECH and Hashoo group realized the need for future vocational collaboration in hospitality sector with each other and agreed to face industrial challenges together by establishing joined platform to benefit young students. The Hashoo group CEO applauded the university structure and vision to nurture future generations to fulfill industrial needs. She showed keen interest in future partnership with NUTECH in the hospitality sector in terms of physical infrastructure collaboration, exchange of resources (trainers, faculty etc.), standardized curriculum book publication on hospitality and joint ventures with entrepreneur initiatives. The Hashoo Group invited NUTECH to become member of technical working group in skill council and also assured the assistance by construction secretariat skills members for the awareness among masses. A generic agreement in the form of an MOU will be signed soon. This future alliance will benefit students in the form of professional skills learning, skills training, resource exchange and entrepreneurship ventures with new job opportunities platform.

National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Executive Director visits NUTECH

December 05, 2018

Dr. Nasir visited NUTECH to exchange views for creating an effective linkage in terms of regulation and certification of skill development programs between NAVTTC and NUTECH. The Rector briefed him about the upcoming commencement of NUTECH Institute of Vocations and Skills comprised of hospitality, industry stitching and computer labs. Both the parties realized the need for future collaboration in skills development. Discussion points comprised future alliance works on NAVTTC curriculum modification, skill development of modern stitching units, expansion of proper proposal framework on industrial stitching operation unit, training calendar program, donor finance procedures and skill program accreditation. This future cooperation will enable students to get NUTECH certificate duly recognized by NAVTTC for skill development program, accredited skill program and studied standardize NAVTTC curriculum.

French University delegation visits NUTECH

December 03, 2018

A three-member delegation from The French University visited NUTECH on 3rd December, 2018 for discussing a future learning and teaching research collaboration. The Pro-Rector along with the Registrar gave comprehensive briefings on the university's education system, concept, aim, vision, its objectives, role in skills competency development frameworks, forthcoming commencement of vocational technical skills development plan and current and future international and local industrial partnerships. The delegation showed ardent interest in future research alliances with NUTECH. At the end, The Rector presented a commemorative shield to the worthy guests.

Regional Skills Competition 2018

December 03, 2018

The Rector of NUTECH attended the regional skills competition 2018 held at National Institute of Science and Technical Education (NISTE) on 3rd December, 2018 organized by National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC). On this occasion, after visiting various stalls, our Rector addressed the audience and apprised them about NUTECH structure, concept, vision, role of the university and future plans to fulfill industrial needs. At the end, a commemorative shield was presented to our Rector.